Implant Dentistry in Northern Virginia, near Washington, the Most Natural Way to Replace Teeth

When you have had the unfortunate experience of losing one or more teeth, you have a number of options to regain what you have lost. You can choose a partial denture, which consists of removable artificial teeth; but it can be bulky, irritating and can trap food. Another choice is a fixed bridge, in which the porcelain teeth are attached to neighboring teeth by grinding them down and capping them; though more comfortable than a denture, over time, decay or periodontal disease can damage the support teeth. Since the mid 1990’s, the most advanced way to restore missing teeth is with dental implants. Implant supported crowns and prostheses overcome the problems found with the previous treatments by giving you back and even improving upon what you have lost. Implant dentistry at our Washington, DC, Tyson’s Corner area office in Northern Virginia is the most natural looking and feeling way to replace missing teeth. And now, with the ability to have hopeless teeth removed and implant retained teeth provided for you on the same day, or your denture replaced with implant retained teeth on the same day (see below for more info); your comfort and appearance has never been better!

Benefits of Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry restores missing teeth in a manner that is structurally very similar to natural teeth. A natural tooth is comprised of a root, which anchors the tooth into the jaw, and a crown, which is the part of the tooth that is visible above the gums. The form of dental implants mimics the structure of natural teeth. The titanium anchor works just like the root, and the artificial crown is basically identical to the crown of any other tooth. Additionally, replacing the missing tooth root preserves the jaw bone and prevents surrounding teeth from shifting out of position.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia patients come to Dr. Laurent’s Tyson’s Corner office to have a thorough exam and treatment plan. Dr. Laurent then works with implant surgeons to ensure the proper number and placement of the implant(s). Dental implants are root sized titanium anchors that are surgically attached to the bone of your jaw, firmly anchoring the restoration into place. The oral surgeons we work with are careful to provide for you comfort, offering a variety of sedation options. After you have had the dental implants installed and they are firmly integrated, you will return to Dr. Laurent’s office, where he will carefully provide porcelain crowns to perfectly match the color of the rest of your teeth and secure them to your implants. Should you have dentures and simply desire more security, Dr. Laurent can many time use your old dentures and convert them to “snap” onto as little as two new implants. However, if you desire a full mouth restoration, a new technique is available which allows us to create for you that new mouth in one day!

A New You, in one day!

With the advent of computer imaging to guide the placement of implants, it is currently possible to remove hopeless teeth, insert five implants, and place a fixed realistic looking arch of acrylic teeth on the same day. In a few months, this provisional set is unscrewed from the implants and replaced by the final porcelain prosthesis. For many, never having to go around with a temporary removable denture is greatly appreciated. For more information, please call us to arrange an introductory appointment to meet with Dr. Laurent where he can explain the procedure to you.