Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing rate these days; new developments are revolutionizing areas of life ranging from communications to medical care. New technologies are also having a major impact on dental services. Northern Virginia cosmetic dentist Barry D. Laurent, DDS, is committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest advances in dentistry, and using them to their fullest potential, so that he can ensure his patients get the highest quality dental services in the greatest comfort possible.

DIAGNOdent® Laser Diagnostics

For years, dentists have found decay by studying X-rays, visually inspecting (usually with magnification) the tooth, and feeling around stained grooves or fissures with the dreaded “explorer.” We now know that frequent snacking and sipping cola or sports drinks throughout the day causes an aggressive type of decay nearly undetectable by these methods. Dr. Laurent is frequently surprised by large amounts of decay in a young person’s molar which initially appeared to be a tiny stained groove, invisible to X-ray and non sticky to the explorer. In his search for a more accurate way to diagnose this new form of decay before it becomes such a serious problem, Dr. Laurent found DIAGNOdent®.

The variety of uses that have been found for lasers is astounding. From laser vision correction to laser pointers, these focused beams of light pervade our lives. Now, DIAGNOdent® has found a new use. Lasers can detect incredibly small imperfections in teeth, long before they become visible to the naked eye or even to X-rays. DIAGNOdent® uses lasers to diagnose dental problems very early in their development, when they can be treated with much easier, less invasive techniques. If you are interested in DIAGNOdent® or any of our other laser dental services, contact our Northern Virginia office in Tyson’s Corner today.

Oral Camera

Dr. Laurent is a firm believer in keeping his patients well informed about their dental health and the dental services that they will receive at his office. For this reason, he uses an oral camera, which transmits images to a monitor so you can see what Dr. Laurent sees when he looks in your mouth. This device makes it much easier for Dr. Laurent to communicate with you and explain the need for treatments such as dental implantsporcelain crownsdenturesporcelain veneers, or other cosmetic or general dentistry procedures. Because you can see areas of concern for yourself, you will be confident in the dental services or treatments recommended by Dr. Laurent.

High Magnification

Dr. Laurent utilizes high magnification with extra illumination during all phases of the dental services he provides. His attention to detail ensures that his patients receive the very best in comprehensive dental care. We provide sunglasses for your comfort!

Contact Our Practice for High-Tech Dental Services

To learn more about any of the state-of-the-art dental services available at our Northern Virginia office, please contact our dentist today to arrange a consultation. We make your safety, education, and overall satisfaction a priority and work to ensure that your experience at our practice is as comfortable and rewarding as possible.